Center for Educational Opportunity Founding Director Dr. Kathaleena Edward Monds has authored a chapter in the book, Homeschooling Black Children in the US: Theory, Practice and Popular Culture. The book, released January 25, 2022, documents the five-fold increase in the number of Black families in the United States and “presents how systemic racism and other factors influence the decision of Black families to homeschool,” according to the publisher, Information Age Publishing. The anthology covers this emerging educational trend by examining Black homeschooling in theory, practice and in popular culture.

Monds’ chapter, The Freedom to Homeschool: Community as Classroom, is one of fourteen written by scholars and practitioners. Dr. Monds and her husband, Mr. John Monds, homeschooled their four children, three of whom are college graduates; and their fourth child is currently a high school homeschooler.

The book is a volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives on Black Homeschooling edited by Dr. Khadijah Ali-Coleman, a cultural curator, community organizer, and nationally recognized speaker, and writer; and Dr. Cheryl Fields Smith, associate professor and graduate coordinator of Department of Educational Theory and Practice at the University of Georgia Mary Frances Early College of Education.

Available as a paperback, hardcover and ebook, the book was recently featured in a virtual exhibit booth for the National Association of African American Studies Conference, held February 14-19, 2022.

To order, visit Information Age Publishing.